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In 1903 Gainesville, this was the view of the northeast corner of the intersection of Liberty and Pleasant Streets (now West University Avenue and 2nd Street). The church on the left was the second building of the First Presbyterian Church, and the home on the right belonged to the Colclough family. The first building for First Presbyterian was located on Southeast 1st Street, but in 1890 this brick building was constructed. The Colclough home was the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Colclough. Mr. Colclough came to Gainesville from South Carolina in 1875. He was a successful planter and businessman. He was co-owner of the Wilson Company, a large Gainesville department store which was located on the northwest corner of Liberty and East Main (now East University Avenue and 1st Street). Mrs. Colclough died in 1935, her husband in 1943; they are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Their Victorian home was later moved to the northeast corner of Northwest 2nd Street and 1st Avenue; it was demolished when the train station on North Main was demolished in late 1953 or early 1954.
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