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    Saunders Home, East Side (Cyanotype) Saunders Home, East Side (Cyanotype)
Minot ("Miny") Bacon Saunders married Mrs. Emma Fay, a young widow with three children. Although he never fathered offspring of his own he was known to have been an affectionate and loving father to Emma's children. The family lived in this beautiful house located at 231 North Arredondo (now 116 Northwest 3rd Street). The photograph is a "cyanotype," which was produced by placing a negative on a sheet of paper treated with iron salt and potassium ferricyanide. When the treated sheet was placed in direct sunlight, an impression formed that turned bright blue (cyan) where it had been exposed to light, and white where the sunlight was blocked. Although the process was first invented in 1841, most cyanotypes were produced from the late 1880s to 1920.
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