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    Saunders Home, South Side (Cyanotype) Saunders Home, South Side (Cyanotype)
The south side of the Saunders home, built in 1897, is seen in this photograph, taken around 1910. Minot Bacon Saunders moved into the house with his family in 1904. When Mr. Saunders, called "Miny," died in 1920, John W. Tench, wrote a moving tribute to his friend in the "Gainesville Daily Sun," "...His deeds of charity had no strings attached to them; his generous hand had in it no compelling force...For thirty years past no church festival was complete unless he was present, and at every Sunday school picnic for the children he was as prominent as the trees in the grove…and if there was a shortage in the funds, the money came from his purse to meet it...it is the man that he was, the lesson his life teaches, that counts."
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