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Eight young women posed in front of a painted backdrop with a pedestal prop for this photograph, taken in the late 19th century. The girls were students in the Tebeau School, Gainesville's premier school for young women for over 60 years. Unfortunately, none of the girls are identified. Miss "Maggie" Tebeau founded the school in 1873, along with her friend, Mrs. Sarah Thomas. After Miss Maggie's death in 1924, Alice Thomas, the daughter of Miss Maggie's co-founder, became principal and continued to operate it until the school was closed in 1936. The Church later operated it as the Tebeau Nursery School until 1948. The County bought the building in 1949 and it was razed in 1951. The school was located on the southwest corner of the intersection of South Main Street and Southwest 2nd Avenue and faced east. It is the site of the 2004 Alachua County Courthouse Criminal Justice Center.
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